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At Chickens.org, we think everyone should have easy access to the information they need to feed their families. Chickens.org provides open-source, ad-free and fun chicken info, to improve food security in the US and around the world – home by home, community by community.


We are connecting communities among different cultures and countries, through our common need for healthy food and environmentally-friendly and humane practices. Please help us establish community vegetable gardens and chicken coops to share the joy & practice of successful gardening and chicken-raising.


Why are we doing this?


1.5 billion

people experience malnutrition or food insecurity

1.3 trillion

chicken eggs are consumed annually


of the world has internet access


source of animal protein worldwide    is chicken

Global poverty can be beaten, one community at a time. We hope you will use these guides to raise chickens or grow a garden yourself, or help a family or community in need. We welcome you to join our global network of change-makers!



Chickens.org also hosts fun, family-friendly games and educational activities, to keep us engaged with our families and friends.


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Chickens.org is a program of Capax World, a 501-c-3 charity dedicated to sustainably alleviating malnutrition and poverty.