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  • 1.5 billion people are afflicted with malnutrition or food insecurity
  • 1.3 trillion chicken eggs are consumed annually
  • 54% of the world has internet access
  • Chickens are the #1 source of animal protein worldwide
We believe everyone in the world should have easy access to the information they need to raise chickens successfully. provides this open-source, free and without ads. 
Global poverty can be beaten – one village at a time. We hope you will use these guides to raise chickens yourself, or help a family or community in need. We welcome you to join our global network of change-makers. also will host fun, family-friendly games and educational activities, to keep us engaged with our families, friends & communities.
Please check back with us on October 15 to see how you can can be the change you want to see in the world. is a program of Capax World, a 501-c-3 charity that implements sustainable solutions to malnutrition and poverty.